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I was very skeptical about ordering online from a company in a different country. I've read nothing but horror stories. nnBuyAfinil definitely changed my perspective and came through every time!! They literally answer questions or concerns immediately, great company and have delivered every time. Andy 
Love the new website and online tracking - my order arrived much faster than I expected and the online chat with Rebecca was very helpful. Will definitely order again! Harold Fairman 
I ordered a smaller supply to try out the product for the first time. The delivery time was expeditious and I was amazed by the effectiveness of the product. I will be ordering this product again James Kucharz 
Modafinil has been a great product for me. It helps me focus when I really need to complete large projects that require lots of detail. This product has allowed me to get through certain work days where I wasn't sure I would make it. The product is very effective. Victor Quarcoo 
These guys are absolutely wonderful. Seriously every time I had a concern, question they were there to answer. Even now as I am typing this a little box popped up and they asked if I need anything: ) In my experience only really great companies have customer service that goes above and beyond. I had a slight problem tracking my order last time and one of the reps. followed it for me and she would send me an email whenever she saw that shipment had moved locations. I highly recommend this company. You know other companies pop up and then 2 days later they are gone or you cannot get a shipment status or anyone to answer your emails, BUT that is NOT this company. Plus when you are spending a lot of money and you want a product that is as good as everyone says it is you must use caution; these guys are the real deal. I can tell you all that my experience with this company has been that they go Above and Beyond and I will use them again in the future. Deborah Butrim 
Placed several orders. Always received them in a timely fashion. Product is exactly as described. A+ Phillip Fitzhugh 
Modafinal has really helped with my depression & modafinal world are great to deal with Sue Weldon 
Great service, and the shipping was fast and discreet. You couldn't ask for anything more. I will definitely be using BuyAfinil from now on. CM 
Modafinil is a wonderful, wonderful med. The service I received was excellent and the ordering process was simple. In days when I'm fatigued and need to stay alert I take a tablet and bingo! I am set for the day. No letdown, no hangover, absolutely no bad side effects. Please do limit your coffee or soda intake, though. You'll feel jittery if you don't cut back on caffeinated beverages. With one Modafinil tablet in your system you won't need or want to drink any coffee! It really works quite well. Lawrence Imboden 
Quick, and great service. Would definitely order through them again David Gilbert 
Excellent fast shipping, great product. Will definitely be re-ordering! Can't recommend highly enough! christian harvey 
I've use this fabulous stuff for over one year. I've also recommended this to a few family members and coworkers. This is no joke it definitely gives you the energy you lack. Michelle Stilwell 
BuyAfinil not only has the best pricing on what maybe perhaps the greatest and safest life-changing smart drug ever created, but it also has the best customer service in its global distribution with extremely fast turnaround times. Modafinil is definitely the closest "manna" equivalent to the limitless pill, and no one delivers it better than BuyAfinil. MI 
I was sceptical at first thinking it would be a scam because the reviews seemed too positive and made me think negative reviews were deleted to continue scamming people, and then my parcel didn't come and it was signed for. Turns out the postman signed it himself and stole it (I contacted the police and royal mail) and despite it not being their fault and seemingly being signed by me they reshipped another 300. Honestly doubt 99% of businesses would believe me and would just ignore it but I was amazed to find they didn't. Got the 300 I ordered, all good quality and what I paid for. My go to supplier now since modafinil cat closed. Jp 
Best customer service I have ever come across. Every other business should take notes. Thanks BuyAfinil for your service! Keep up the great work. Ali 
I have been using this now for a year and wow what a difference it has made in my life. KW 
I highly recommend this site, my order didn't arrive on time so I sent an enquiry they replied via email the same day and by the next day they told me they were going to resend the product to make sure it got here no questions asked and the product did arrive and it was exactly as described I'm very happy with the service Casey Perry 
The Modafinil has worked well for me. The shipping time has been very reasonable and customer support has been great. I recommend BuyAfinil. Marc Masnor 
Shipped quicker than expected, product was great, exactly as advertised. Will be ordering again. Daniel Wasilewski 
Staff was excellent with communication when I decided to change my payment method due to my own error, and did everything in their power to make sure everything sorted out the way it needed to be. Legit people running a great service! Carl Douglas 
The delivery was very fast and smooth - came without any problems! Was delivered straight to my door and the package is securely packaged and discreet. I enjoyed the ability to track it too. The product is definitely legit. Would recommend this website and will buy again! DN 
Shipping was super quick and the package was discreet. Thanks so much Buy Afinil! Justin 
Excellent product!! Will definitely buy again! Amy 
I ordered Modalert from Buy Afinil and I couldn't be happier with the product, service, and ship time. Will definitely order again once I start running low. Thanks. Eric Richards 
love these - keep me motivated all day without jitters.n(I can only take half a day, early in the morning, otherwise it's too much.) Marcia 
Amazing experience. Everything always arrives when it said it's going to arrive. And everything I specifically order is exactly what I get. I can't say the same for a couple other people that I've used Eric 
Love this product. I am sharp and engaged all day. My early morning workouts are laser focused and purposeful. I get more done before 10 AM than I ever did before. At 52, I feel like I did at 22. Louis Di Guiseppe 
A wonderland product, Mod alert. Focused, calm, confident, and completing complex tasks with great ease. Thank you for being a reliable source for a quality product. Will continue to purchase as the customer service and delivery are prefect. BM 
I only need a half and it gives you an incredible clarity and edge to make the most out of a day. Awesome to get going when you are hungover too! That little boost for your productive week and unlike caffeine, there is no jitters. Great stuff! Jeff 
I am not much of a pill user, with the exception of ibuprofen and vitamin C. I work nights and suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. One night during a particularly bad stretch, a friend gave me a sample of Modafanil. I took it, 200mg and at first thought not much about it. But as I passed that magic 1.5 hour mark, my world changed. I was alert, focused (very necessary for my work) and all my fatigue vanished. Needless to say I was sold - and I bought. Michael Plank 
Such a great company! There fast and they work hard to get you your product. This is the only place I would shop. The support is also very fantastic! Jack Gorman 
Delivery was fast and the modafinil had the desired effect and met with my expectations allowing me to have the focus needed to make it through long days without any drop in energy or focus nnS P Steven Palmer 
This is a powerful product! Something that I know is going to be there when I need to put in long hours with a clear mind. If you don't have yours and have not tried the product yet stop waiting and get to it you will be glad you did. Asa Patterson 
Totally great. Everything arrived in one piece and was able to track it. The only thing that could make it better is faster shipping times. Mocean Melvin 
Good, quality modafinil. My first order was for 200 tablets and I was not disappointed. I am noticeably more awake and alert. I had no problems having the modafinil shipped to the US. Go get some. MG 
This company is extremely professional and helpful. The producer arrived as promised, safe and legit. The pills work wonders and I have been able to work like never before. Thanks! Allison Brown 
Whole process was smooth & shipping was quicker than expected!nnDefinitely recommend and I will order again!! James Allen 
BuyAfinil provides a medicine that my insurance company will not cover without massive, expensive hoops to jump through. My insurance company wants me to prove I need a medicine I have been taking since 1999.nnAfter I did some online research I found BuyAfinil and now it is safe to drive and I can live life like a normal person. Susen Trail 
Man I don't know how I could make it through the night without my Moda from BuyAfinil. nnI work the night shift from midnight to 9 am almost 7 days a week. If I didn't have my Moda from these guys I'd be asleep half way through the shift! It keeps me alerts and sharp and gets me through a long technically challenging schedule. Gotta have it! A F 
The company was very reliable and I received my order very quickly. Michele 
I have ordered twice. Both times the merchandise arrived successfully within an acceptable timeframe. The product is very high quality. I believe this product has given me a new life....I feel like I am in my 20s again. Whatever you are doing be it work or recreation...your focus will be laser precise. It has also given me more drive to work harder, longer hours....which will ultimately mean more money! nnJob well done,nGreg Greg 
Just an eighth of a pill is enough for me. I can't have caffeine so this is extremely useful to keep me safe when driving long distances. Arrived on time and appears to be the true drug. Steven Paiano 
BuyAfinil is super helpful and is willing to help you get your order even when it is rejected by a reshipper. I recommend them! Stefan 
Thank you BuyAfinil. Order arrived on time. I would be happy to recommend your site to anyone in need of modafinil. Neal A 
Great experience overall. Awesome company and shipping process. Product arrived in 10 days. Do you research upfront and you'll be happy with your experience. Thank you! BB 
I was unfortunate enough to be struck down with GBS (guilliane barre syndrome) several years ago. I had a very serious case and spent several months in intensive care. I was fortunate enough to recover (85%) but one of the residual problems I have to deal with is chronic fatigue. I stumbled across modafinil/wakelert about 1 year ago and can honestly say that it helps massively with my fatigue! It took a little getting used to but overall has improved my ability to get more things done, (i run my own business). Obviously for every action there is an opposite reaction and sometimes i find that my temper can be a little shorter at times but find this negative effect is more than balanced out by the benefits of using this medicine.nI have tried several suppliers and now use www.buyafinil.com as service is always prompt and discreet. chris hardingham 
The online chat was very informative and helpful. After reading reviews, I ordered modafinil through BuyAfinil. The customer service was excellent. The initial order was moderately delayed before export, so the company compensated with extra modafinil and sample of Armodafinil. Package came through customs without issue and the product works great. I take half modafinil am and half early pm. I would order through BuyAfinil again william martin 
Modafinil is for Real!nnI've been using modalert from BuyAfinil for a little while now and it has definitely enhanced my life when ever I need that little extra to get me through ANYTHING! The key to get the most effectiveness out of it, in my opinion, is to cycle on an off randomly. I recommend it 100%! Like anything else just use it responsibly. Wayne D. 
Great product and service! CS department very helpful and knowledgeable! TV 
I definitely had my doubts about this product before having a personal experience with it, but once I started taking it, I was more confident at work (cuz I was faster at working and wasn't slacking off). I am a lot more focused whatever I do on it, so I am planning to get my second order of Modalert 🙂 SuHong Kim 
I work overnight shift and the stuff really works. I noticed that i can get the maximum effect after good night sleep when i am off work. I use it before my workout as na supplement . I recommend drinking a lot of water to decrease the chances of headache and high blood pressure. I ordered the sample pack and it came within a 4 days. The one that i really favors for is the artivigil when i split the tablet into two halves.ni would recommend BuyAfinil. Raed Yassen 
I love this product and the company has great customer service. About to reorder. Shipping is fast and with no problems. stephanie andrews 
The folks at BuyAfinil.com [formerly modafinilworld] are helpful and get the job done as promised. Bear in mind that the shipment will be coming from overseas for the vast majority of you, so give it a week or two. There may be supply line disruptions along the way, and there's very little the BuyAfinil people can do to change that on their end. Also remember that the shipment tracker on the website takes up to 24hrs to update, so the customer service reps won't be able to tell you anything that you can't tell for yourself, other than reassure you that the package is still en route. Otherwise, the product is great and the price is right. Fletcher Daniels 
The people at BuyAfinil are fantastic. And they're running a great business, too! Their customer service is on point, quick and friendly, and their products are, of course, fantastic.nnI've used them several times and will continue to. Why? nnBecause they're fast; I usually receive the shipment within 7 days. Also, one time my browser's autofill entered the wrong zip code into the order form. When I didn't receive the shipment I emailed them and once they had the correct address they sent me my order within the day and at no extra charge.nnI highly recommend BuyAfinil for an easy, hassle-free experience. Drew D. 
This is probably the easiest and most efficient Modafinil supplier - Great price, fast delivery and great product. Me and my colleagues use BuyAfinil as our primary source for modafinil and I can strongly recommend them 🙂 Matija Prskalo 
So here‰Ûªs the real deal on any kind of modafinil or armodafinil: It works, sometimes wonderful/unbelievable and sometimes it feels like nothing happens. Bad news: If you do nothing while on it, you wasted all your potential and the incredible 12-20 hours of productivity you COULD have had. Good news: It‰Ûªs really easy to not waste your days when on it. Bad/Good news: I‰Ûªm on it right now, so I‰Ûªm going to type my heart out and be ultra descriptive because this changed my life, but only because I forced it to work on days it could have gone terribly wrong (read on, cliff hanger here).nnBefore anything, I just want to clarify that yes, I barely opened a reddit account, but only because I have read so many pros and cons on this ‰Û÷limitless‰Ûª pill that it completely confused the heck out of me to even try it the first time, and skewed my experiences. Also, people are seeking some kind of ‰ÛÏhigh‰Û from this, and that‰Ûªs not at ALL what it‰Ûªs meant for, and it will NOT create thoughts in your head to fix your life overnight. It MAY have that potential, but it won‰Ûªt be created because you ingest this stuff. nnI started with regular modafinil with BuyAfinil.com. I can review them, how legit they are, and the incredible customer service they have practically 24/7 on live chat- but I want to let you know that they have been changing names and URL‰Ûªs as they have been growing and keeping up with orders. Modafinil was insane when I first took it, mind blowing, and really changed my life in that first dose. I prepared, though, and am sort of a workaholic. I am self-employed, and almost NEVER seem to do enough of my personal tasks or business work. Modafinil solved that within one week. Yup, one pill a day, for 7 days, and I caught up with about 1 year of work. How is that even possible?nnEasy, modafinil, at least for me, opened my mind to making things ultra-efficient, extremely creative, and since I have a passion in my personal businesses- the more solutions I come up with, the better. I already had ideas of how I could make things faster, but never wanted to put in the work equity in order to figure it out. NOTICE I had those thoughts ALREADY, they didn‰Ûªt just come out of nowhere the day I took modafinil. When I first took it, I had 2 gallons of water ready, had my meals prepped ahead of time, and a list of 1 entire week of work. BuyAfinil only took 10 days to deliver my order, which is hella impressive considering many other reviewers state that they take up to a month from other distributors (really? A whole month? I could fly to India and come back myself with these pills in a few days if I wanted- why is it taking some of these other businesses a whole month?). I was tracking it every other day, and when I saw it in my local city post office, I printed out the list of things to do on modafinil. It got delivered at 11:30AM, I took it a minute after I closed the door on the delivery man, and by 12PM it was hitting me, HARD. I ate, got to work, and completely lost track of time until about 8PM. By 8PM, I had done a weeks‰Ûª worth of work, and didn‰Ûªt even feel tired. For those of you that want details, here they are:n-Did monthly reports of profit/loss margins within my business.n-Packaged products that were sold on eBay, 7 to be exact.n-Those same products needed custom boxes, so put that into play, having to slay through huge amounts of cardboard in order to customize boxes with a box cutter and tape, without any help. It seems easy, but when all 7 items are different sizes ranging from tablets to 60 inch TV‰Ûªs, it‰Ûªs almost impossible not to stop and take a rest. I didn‰Ûªt even have the word ‰ÛÏrest‰Û in my head on modafinil. Sleep? Who needs sleep, ever!n-Replied to 15 customers about why they should or shouldn‰Ûªt purchase a product- that‰Ûªs 15 different conversations in a day, 5 of which were at the same time. That‰Ûªs Ludacris, I had never done anything past 4 customers without getting pissy at answering the same questions over and over. This time, I had a blast, I actually was solving solutions to customer‰Ûªs questions that made every single one purchase that same day. Normally, it would be a 3-7 day back and forth conversation that would 50/50 result in a purchase. Financially, modafinil paid itself off that very same day.n-Worked out (didn‰Ûªt need a preworkout, I‰Ûªm pretty sure my heart would explode if I had taken one though, I was already ultra energetic)n-Made pre-planned dinner.n-Cleaned my entire home, vacuumed, and all the restrooms (3).n-Took professional photos of the next 12 items I was going to sell on eBayn-Did the item description for all of those items, and put them for sale.n-Had 5 phone calls with previous clients about continuing their business on new productsn-Coded my entire website (I had never been able to focus this intensely ever, I know coding but get so bored at staring at text on a screen I usually pay someone. This time, I was killing it, and learning at the same time. It was almost like I was practicing some codes for 100 times, even though it was my 10th or 15th time trying.)nnFrom 8PM to about 2:30AM, I was hanging out with my girl, and it was as if I had met her for the first time. Of course I knew who she was and we had a long term relationship, but I was putting SO much more effort in our conversations, she was smiling, laughing, etc. Usually, by that part of the evening I have the ‰ÛÏI worked all day, don‰Ûªt talk to me,‰Û vibe, but this time, I was ready to have fun, be exciting, and the endless amount of energy I saw in the movie Limitless. That‰Ûªs one key thing about making it work, for me, at least. I do a sh*t ton of work WAY before I meet someone I care about, my happy energy and endorphins are off the charts because I ALREADY got the work done. Does that make sense to people out there? You need to get work that you care about prepped ahead of time, then go through it, ALL of it, and THEN go hang out with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband/wife, whatever. You will be SO much happier and in the moment. But of course, I didn‰Ûªt become an overnight millionaire because that‰Ûªs just Hollywood film to make movie ticket sales- but the energy part is real IF you drink water like your life depends on it (force yourself if you have to, don‰Ûªt go an hour without water, you will become tired or start pissing really dark yellow), and MAKE SURE TO EAT PROPERLY.nnI slept like a baby that same night by the way. Sure, I knocked out at about 3am, but falling asleep was easy. I was satisfied with my day, I was HAPPY about who I was and astonished at how much I had gotten accomplished. Anyone who feels that way at the end of their day falls asleep with a smile. Most days before that, I was upset I didn‰Ûªt give my girl the right treatment because my businesses tired me out or fatigued me, usually got take out dinner because I was too lazy to cook, and upset I didn‰Ûªt get enough work done. HUGE difference within the first day on modafinil.nnThe 2nd time I tried modafinil- nothing. Well, it FELT like nothing for what seemed like the entire day of me waiting for that surge of energy to come through and then start figuring out what to do with my day. THAT is the biggest mistake- do NOT take this and EXPECT to come up with what to do. You NEED to have your tasks lined up, and I mean a whole WEEK worth of tasks you have to do. I wasted about 2 hours wondering why I wasn‰Ûªt ‰ÛÏfeeling‰Û it come on. But those 2 hours felt like a whole day. I looked at the clock and thought it was 10PM, it was only 11AM. Crazy! Trust me, if you do NOT have anything planned or exciting to do, you will bore yourself- plus, with the extreme thinking your brain now has accessible, you will go into a downward spiral of how Modafinil or Armodafinil is a hoax. Just like watching stupid celebrities get paid to do stupid sh*t over and over on TV, and you start doing stupid sh*t expecting the world to make you famous, but in reality all you do is end up looking stupid? Yeah, just like that- whatever you think, you‰Ûªre going to repeat with Mod or Armod, except in your head, hundreds, even thousands of time within a few minutes. Your perception of time is definitely skewed, so make the time count or it will seem like the longest, most boring day of your life if you‰Ûªre just sitting there waiting for it to ‰ÛÏkick in‰Û.nnAnyways, after those 2 hours wasted, I pulled up a list of tasks I needed to get done from a few weeks prior, crap I didn‰Ûªt like to do. If I was going to have a bad day on modafinl, why not do crap I didn‰Ûªt like, right? Wrong- I got so in the zone, I lost track of time again, and ended up at around 7PM with all of those tasks done. Months of boring work, completed. It wasn‰Ûªt boring anymore, it was a challenge. If I could zone in like that, I wouldn‰Ûªt need to outsource or pay someone else to do these boring things (filing, paper work, doing IRS notations, etc). Keep more money in my pocket? Hell yea, that made me pretty positive.nnMonths later to the present, I have upgraded to Armodafinil. It‰Ûªs different in this way- you won‰Ûªt be as creative as you would be on Modafinil, but you will be so in the ‰ÛÏwork‰Û zone, you have to TRY and stop working. You will always want to get back to work, get this thing or that thing done, you will try to find ways to systematically take care of problems so you won‰Ûªt have to do them again, or at least won‰Ûªt take as long doing them. Again, I love what I do for a living, so it can be different for others. But I also play piano, and days I took it, I have created songs I simply cannot believe. I am no pro, but I definitely couldn‰Ûªt play like this before. I‰Ûªve taken it on days of vacation where there‰Ûªs a lot of concerts or events- I‰Ûªm no longer fatiguing after the 7th hour of activities, on the contrary, I want to do MORE fun things that day. That‰Ûªs what it does for me and I‰Ûªve given out 1, maybe 2, pills to my closest buds. Same thing for them, so hopefully this will work for you.nnI still order from BuyAfinil.com, and not only since they were my 1st distributor to try out with Modafinil, but they always answered my questions, and I‰Ûªve been on chat with them for HOURS in total incremented time. I don‰Ûªt even get that type of customer service from Amazon chat, they make you answer questions and justify why you even want to chat first. BuyAfinil workers are kind, give pretty rad discounts randomly through emails or even if you chat with them for a few minutes. Just treat them the way you would treat someone who can give you a pill that will change your life forever, IF you are ready to do all that work, put in the effort of not waste a single pill, and only take it when you are passionate about something to do, or simply have a career/job that requires that level of thinking/physical work. If you are a cashier or have a job that requires no thinking, you think it‰Ûªs boring as hell, and are praying this pill will make it exciting- it will not. It will only put that ‰ÛÏmy job sucks‰Û thought into extreme repeat, and I mean you will want to jump off a bridge by the middle of your shift because you‰Ûªll have literally found the first mistake in your life that caused you to be in a position where you now hate. Yeah, it can be that intense. I had my first bad day on Modafinil months back when life just hit me from multiple angles. My girl was mad at her work day, I had a flu, our condo 2nd story shower was leaking through the walls into the 1st floor, Time warner internet service was out, it was just a really bad day. I was thinking so negative, and I‰Ûªve worked my ass off for the life & businesses I have- so imagine that. Anyone else would realize it ain‰Ûªt so bad, but I focused on the negative and imploded. Yeah- this can and WILL do that if you let it. On Armodafinil, it‰Ûªs even more extreme. All you have to do, at least what works for me, is focus on the positive, repeat the ever living sh*t out of that positive thing in your life; a person, income, a drawing you made, even a happy ever after movie- whatever you need to think one thing positive and get motivated again (youtube motivational videos), and you‰Ûªll be on extreme positive overdrive easily. Stay hydrated, eat on a schedule, and you‰Ûªll love every single experience. Peter G. 
The quality of the product is definitely the best i've had, and the customer service is definitely top notch. I really appreciate being able to speak with someone through the website when i have a question. They also have sent me fairly generous coupons since placing my first order. I can't imagine going with anyone else at this point. Michael Droske 
Good service fast and reliable ...nBuyAfinil are very professional. I received my order within 2 weeks and was given a tracking report. When the parcel arrived I received notice that it had arrived at the post office, highly recommended. GS Australia 
I have been battling ADD and energy problems for decades. I took Adderall XR and because I also needed help with energy levels I began taking more Adderall for all the wrong reasons. I have sleep apnea that would keep me from getting good quality sleep. The result was me having zero focus and falling asleep behind the wheel. I turned to Modafinil to replace my Adderall and it has been wonderful. I no longer have the jittery shakes that I experienced before. I am able to go to sleep when I want and need to. My focus and energy is far more in control. My overall quality of life has improved. Robert Mesler 
Everything went as expected - I recommend! Herbert Ellenburg 
The first time I did read about Modafinil must have been a long time ago now. Back in the days I did not want to try it but it kept showing up and a few weeks ago I decided to try it. I live in EU so I started looking for a site that ships there. BuyAfinil seemed to be the only one and after talking a bit with their customer support I decided to make a small order. It looked like the package did not arrive so I got another shipment. (I recommend to try Skypax now which I am going to try now too) That one did arrive and I tried 100mg around 1pm. I felt like not much happened within the first hour, had my doubts the pills worked, and took another 100mg. About an hour later or so I started to feel very focused and produced amazing work (analyzing datasheets etc.). At this point I realized this stuff could make a real difference in my life. I have some sort of ADD the docs/therapist think (never got officially tested) and I felt completely ''myself'' for the first time in a long time. Good focus, productive, amazing work delivered. I never wanted to take Ritalin etc. even though my therapist did suggest it because I did read negative stuff about it with side effects. Because of that, I also can't compare.n nI did document every single time I took Modafinil: what time I took it, how I felt, how I slept, how I did feel the next day and how the work was that I did produce. After taking it a few days I got some weird sort of headache but I felt there had to be a solution to be able to take it more often during the week. I won't bother you with every single detail but I believe I have some good tips since it took me at least 3 weeks to fine tune my ''magic formula'' with my daily journal:n n-Start slow. Start with 25mg in the morning. Next day, try 50mg. Don‰Ûªt just take 100+100 like me, this was not needed looking back at it. It is pretty easy to get the pills into 50mg, after that you need a knife or something. There is no rush, write down your journey and fine tune it for yourself. Some people claim 25mg is amazing for them (google micro dosing Modafinil). I know exactly know how much to take for what accomplishment (feeling just good and social, or going for that intense laser focus) and this is a great feeling. Also be patient for it to get effective. I did read about within 30 minutes online, not the case for me at all. Experiment with empty stomach/not empty stomach/(non)fatty foods too. Everything affects it.nn-Take a good B vitamin complex daily.nn-Take fish oil daily. (I believe everyone should take this anyways)nn-Take choline if needed.n nRegarding the B vitamins and fish oil: The dosage I suggest you do your own research. I can say that a bit on the higher end for fish oil helps for me (many people who lift weights take this also). The B vitamin I take a standard dose for people who lift weights.n nCholine: Apparently some people have too much of this in their brain, some too little. This requires extreme fine tuning in my experience. Right now I just take a serving when the headache comes up a little bit, and this works well. It can easily be the case that you don't need this at all or that you need to take more. I just take a cheap form (some people claim this is not effective) and it works great.n nThis is all I have to say about it with regards to trying this out yourself. Especially if you have ADD symptoms, I recommend to try it out (while working on good nutrition also since this helps for me a lot).n nWith regards to this store and if you should trust this: Obviously I was a bit skeptical ordering from India for the first time, especially from a site that seems a bit new. The customer service kept giving me truly excellent service and they keep doing this till this day. I realized that Modalert is made from a company that is on the stock market and therefore have a reputation to deliver. I am happy I gave it a shot.n nBest of luck with your journey! M. F. 
Great experience buying from BuyAfinil. Definitely recommend to others. The prices are good and service as well. John Guin 
Disclaimer: I am not an employee of BuyAfinil and am in no way affiliated with them other than being a customer. The content of this review is my honest experience and in no way is it influenced by an incentive.nI came across BuyAfinil (https://BuyAfinil.com) because I was looking for alternative way of getting my meds other then The Pharmacy Express, which does not accept credit cards. Although the meds cost a bit more using a credit card, the shipping is free. I received my order in 14 days. I have since ordered 2 other times and each time I received a tracking number and each time the product arrived within 14 days (via EMS). Chat is available most of the time and they have been very helpful answering all my questions. I can also order WakeAlert, which I "flip-flop" with Modalert. Love the store. A great place to get these meds if you need them. BRUCE TYLER 
BuyAfinil has been great to do business with. Very professional and fast service. I have ordered for the second time with them. The product gets shipped fast and it is very easy to track all the way until they deliver it. No problems or issues at all! As far as the quality of the product, I find it to be high quality and it works great for me every time. I highly recommend them and will continue to use their service. I also had a customer service and their online chat customer support was excellent and answered my questions very quickly. RH Texas 
Great experience!!!! Easy order and very fast shipment. Package can get delayed at US Customs. Paul 
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Product is fantastic !nnModafinil is truly a great product. I was skeptical in the beginning but am very happy with my purchase. I use it when I need to accomplish very daunting projects and require intense focus without a mind that is wondering all over the place. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to take things to the next level in any area of your life whether career, physical fitness, social life or other. It will simply make you a better more focused person to accomplish your goals Victor Quarcoo 
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I liken Modafinil to "an all-day, intravenous caffeine drip" for me.nnI have been taking Modafinil for about 3 months to help my studies. The main effects of Modafinil I experience I would say is alertness, attentiveness and less fatigue. I feel like I am on a low-dose caffeine drip all day, but I never feel jittery. The half life is very long, which I like - I take it first thing in the morning (due to its having the longest half life - basically all day) before other parts of my "stack". I can exert greater amounts of energy without getting tired as easily. I stack Modafinil with Piracetam, Alpha GPC, DHA (Fish Oil) B5, Gingko and Phosphatidyl Serine (PS). I like the benefits of Modafinil, I feel less "foggy" and can stay on task, and redirect myself QUICKLY (the Gingko and the PS seems to have really kicked this in), when I get distracted doing the wrong task at the wrong time, which is my biggest issue. I am going to switch out the Piracetam and try Aniracetam (stronger, with mood benefits), and Oxiracetam (stronger, supposed to have longer half life and better overall study benefits). The Modafinil helps me avoid the "crash" feeling of the Piracetam (due to short half life, thus 3 doses of Piracetam split over the day, vs Modafinil which only requires one dose per day for me). Modafinil will keep you awake at night if you do not take it early enough in the day (12-15 hrs in some people's systems). MARIE ANDERSON 
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I have been using ModAlert 200 the past month and it is outstanding if you are doing focused work and require concentration. I write quite a bit and can sometimes have trouble getting started but once I started using ModAlert 200s I have become super productive and super proficient. The good thing is you don't actually "feel" it - no buzz, stimulation, or anything like that - you simply notice a heightened level of concentration. I'm not sure you would notice its effect if you were doing random tasks or non-cerebral work like mowing the lawn but for work requiring concentration and focus I highly recommend it. Brian Coleman 
A brief review of my first experience with Modafinil and BuyAfinil.com. The overall experience so far: 10/10, both with the product itself and the website. nI live in Poland so have to use a parcel forwarding service (i used the recommended Skypax - which was slightly expensive to be honest) however, BuyAfinil sent the package immediately and Skypax forwarded it very quickly also - so delivery to Poland took about a week, which i was delighted with. The package came via courier, in a padded package. nOn to the product itself - how to describe it - Modafinil absolutely definitely increases the ability to concentrate, after taking a pill i can easily study for a few of hours at an intense level. I am able to concentrate and honestly i dont notice the passage of time! nThe first pills i took absolutely increased my energy levels and drive and focus - subsequent pills dont seem to give me that initial burst of energy, however, the focus and concentration is consistently excellent. One slight downside is i am often more tired in the evening, perhaps because i end up doing so much during the day. After continually taking one pill each day i can say, after a couple of weeks, they are fantastic. Probably i would compare them to.... something like coffee, when you first began to drink coffee 20 years ago, think of the fantastic effects coffee had when you first drunk it. Not exactly the same, but something like that. I would recommend this for anybody studying, or generally anyone who wishes to increase their motivation and focus. Actually a word about coffee - BuyAfinil said to limit your coffee intake when taking, as it can exacerbate the caffeine effects making you more jumpy, and i have found this a little - try to reduce your coffee intake as much as possible, you will need less anyway with this supplement. Overal a 10/10 experience, i will absolutely be using this company again - thanks for a great service Modafinil Douglas Mackenzie 
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