Buy Modafinil with Cryptocurrency

Why do we offer 30% discount on orders via cryptocurrencies?

When you complete your order via credit/debit card, it takes weeks or maybe a month to reach us from our payment processor.But cryptocurrency payments are fast & reliable, so we offer 30% discount on all such payments. That’s a win-win situation for both of us. 🙂

How to buy cryptocurrency?

To buy cryptocurrency, all you’ve got to do is register, upload your ID, and once you’re verified, start buying the coins! Here are the detailed guides of the trusted websites where you can buy them from!

  1. Buy coins using Credit/Debit Card – CoinBase 
  2. Buy coins using Credit/Debit Card in the US – CoinBase
  3. Buy coins – CoinMama
  4. Buy coins – Changelly

How to complete your order with cryptocurrency?

  • Place your order with BuyAfinil selecting ‘Cryptocurrency’ as your payment method. You’ll be taken to a page with further details.

  • In the upper right corner, you’ll see two tabs – Pay with Bitcoin and Pay with Altcoins.

  • Once we receive the coins, your order will be confirmed and you’ll receive an email confirmation.

Let us know if you run into any problems along the way! It can be a bit of a hassle the first time because every service involved needs to do the verification. The second time, however, should run much smoother, with a lot less delay!