Payment & Refunds


We accept MasterCard® credit/debit cards only. We <3 cryptocurrency, all orders placed via cryptocurrency get up to 30% discount.

Absolutely! Besides Bitcoin,  we accept 42 cryptocurrencies -

  1. Ether
  2. Litecoin
  3. Ether Classic
  4. Zcash
  5. Dash
  6. Bitcoin Cash
  7. FirstBlood
  8. Aragon
  9. Basic Attention Coin
  10. Bancor
  11. Bitcoin Gold
  12. Blackcoin
  13. Civic
  14. Dogecoin
  15. Edgeless
  16. EOS
  17. Factoids
  18. FunFair
  19. GameCredits
  20. Gnosis
  21. Golem
  22. Matchpool
  23. Komodo
  24. LBRY Credits
  25. Numeraire
  26. OmiseGo
  27. Potcoin
  28. Augur
  29. Reddcoin
  30. RCN
  31. iExec
  32. Salt
  33. Status
  34. Storj
  35. Startcoin
  36. Swarm City
  37. WeTrust
  38. Vericoin
  39. Vertcoin
  40. Waves
  41. Wings
  42. ZRX

Yes! If your order is worth $199 or more, we can accept payment via Western Union. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

The headquarter of our credit card payment partner is in China. This is why there's a currency conversion fee (typically around 2-3% of the total transaction value). Although this fee is usually paid by the credit card holder, we've decided to pay this fee for you. The exact conversion fee depends on your issuing bank. But we're unable to determine how much it'll be, so we consistently charge credit cards 3% less than advertised to make up for this.

It appears like your card is not compatible with our payment processor. Although it happens very rarely, we won’t deny its occurrence & (unfortunately) we can’t help it.


In very rare cases your package can get lost before it leaves India. Also, we have a no questions asked refund or reshipment policy if your order meets the following criteria.

  • Your package was intercepted by customs
  • Your package was lost in transit (no tracking update for 2 weeks EMS & 3 weeks for RMS)
  • The delivery timeframe for EMS packages is 7-10 days & RMS is 14-17 days. (We will reship or refund if your package doesn’t get to you in 28 working days for EMS and 60 days for RMS)

The reshipment or refund policy does not cover, if

  • An incorrect address has been provided to us
  • The package has returned due to multiple delivery attempts failing